I'm sober, it's 10:30 and haven't gone to bed sober for years, how do I get to sleep?

Answer watch gltterball gauranteed ten mins you will be asleep lmao

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How to sober up and get to sleep?

Only time will wear down the affects of alcohol.Purging will help get rid of substance so there will less booze to process.Exercises will not help.Drink water and get rest.I will hold you to your p... Read More »

How do you get sober?

Well happy Saturday! First thing, if you want to be sober, you should find something to drink that doesn't have any alcohol. A cup of coffee, or a big glass of apple juice would do. Then, depending... Read More »

How to Act Sober?

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What do Sober people do for fun?

watch moviesplay cardshave sexyanno the basics ;-)