I'm so white.. is a spray tan a bad idea?

Answer Yes....i'm very fair like you (but i have red hair) and i know from experience that spray tans are only meant for people who are capable of tanning, and already have a medium-semi dark-dark skin to... Read More »

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White Jeans; good or bad idea?

White jeans are good but there are 2 issues:1) They tend to be see through and even if you wear white knickers when it's sunny you can sometimes see them2) As opposed to black, which is slimming, w... Read More »

I have white on the edge of my grapevine leaves any idea what it is.?

It's probably powdery mildew, a fungus. Trim off as many leaves as you can then spray every two weeks with a fungicide.…

How to Even Out a Spray Tan That Left White Spots?

Spray tanning booths and at-home sprays are an excellent alternative to traditional tanning beds because they do not subject your skin to harsh, cancer causing UV rays. However, if you have not exf... Read More »

There's a dark spot in my eye in the white area. I have no idea what it is. It doesn't hurt but look and see.?

Have your doctor check it and he'll know what's best for you...I'm sure you're alright, it's probably because you're too tired or you didn't sleep enough or it's allergies... :3