Im so uncomfortable with my body?

Answer It's possible one of the reasons you feel so miserable is that you are really hungry. 900 calories a day is a starvation diet and nobody can feel happy when they are starving. Plus your body thin... Read More »

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If you're a young girl and your older brother is watching porn how do you stop feeling uncomfortable I sometimes think that one day he won't be able to control his body and he'll rape me?

It is curiosity for young men to watch pornography, but they should do so in the privacy of another room and not in front of a sister or other girls. You have the option of leaving the room; tellin... Read More »

Uncomfortable With My Areolas?

Your areola is normal. They will not get smaller with time. Puffy nipples aren't ugly. Your fine there is nothing that you need to change about yourself. Read More »

How to Deal With an Uncomfortable Situation?

We all have experienced uncomfortable situations. This article will teach you three easy steps to effectively deal with most awkward situations.

I can't talk with my uncomfortable retainers!?

onlu wear them in the evenings and at night? although that may hurt when u put them in. as your teeth will move in the day. just try wear them as ofeten as possible and dont forget!