Im so sick of all the makeup girls wear, are you?

Answer I totally agree with you. I wear pretty much the same amount, and people are always telling me to wear make-up. I remember one time this girl was telling me that I should try wearing some eye-lin... Read More »

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Do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?

no i like girls that are all natural cause if you need make-up to look pretty your not for me...sorry if that's shallow but i am a little the answer for me is i like girls with NO make... Read More »

Girls that wear makeup, what do you think of girls that dont wear it?

♥ ♥ its a personal choice so we should not care whether they wear make up or not...♥ ♥

Girls:How often do you wear makeup?

When I'm going out or going to school, so nearly everyday! x (:

Girls tell me what makeup you wear ?

I wear: Foundation: Vincent Longo Heathy Fluid or MAC Studio Fix Fluid Powder: Bare Minerals Loose Powder Eyeshadow: All M.A.C. and Sephora ...Some favorites are "Femme-Fi" , "Woodwinked" , "Da Bli... Read More »