Im so over lol! i need a new word help!!!?

Answer lmao = Laughing my @$$ offrofl = rolling on floor laughing

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Need help finding a TV Searched all over and I'm confused!?

If the television has LED back lighting - it probably always includes 120 hz refresh, not 60.Why do you want the lower refresh rate of 60 hz? Do you like motion blur during action scenes or games?

I need help with microsoft word?

what u need to do is call a computer wiz.

I need Microsoft Works Word help!?

Ben, If you are using Word 2007you go to your "Page Layout Tab".Once you have that open you look for the "Page Setup" which should be in between "Themes" and "Page Background" In "Page Setup" you s... Read More »

Need Audio Mic Help! Why use 3-pin Phantom Power over 3.5mm Jacks?

Theatrical performances aren't halted so the audio guy can change battery that dies.It is a matter of reliability. Also 3.5 mm jacks pull out easy if the mic cord is tugged