:) Im so happy because i've become a vegitarian, any advice?

Answer Monitor your diet closely. make sure you have all the right protiens! congrats on being a veg! i am so happy you are. ou should also support peta! its one of the best things evr! they hav great tip... Read More »

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What was your Mum’s favourite advice for keeping your home and family happy and healthy?

The follwong are some of the comments my mother made to my siblings and I when we were small:Make sure to change your underwear always; you never know when you'll have an accident.Don't make that f... Read More »

Is it bad to be a vegitarian?

Rayann, it can make you healthier to eat low-processed and lower on the food chain, this may be better for you than eating strictly vegetarian.I know a woman who is 370 pounds that is a 'vegetarian... Read More »

My 6 yr old son wants to become a vegitarian.?

My daughter became vegetarian overnight at the age of 7 when she realised that meat was basically a "dead animal".She eats exactly the same as us, but I use veggie alternatives to meat.So, if we're... Read More »

Am i a vegitarian?

Hi Alice.You are making great strides towards being veggie but you would have to exclude slaughter by-products to be a vegetarian.However, its your choice what you eat. If you think you are making ... Read More »