:) Im so happy because i've become a vegitarian, any advice?

Answer Monitor your diet closely. make sure you have all the right protiens! congrats on being a veg! i am so happy you are. ou should also support peta! its one of the best things evr! they hav great tip... Read More »

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I am a vegitarian and people laugh at me only because I like to help animals not kill them, what should I do?

Join the club. That comes along with being veggie. Sorry. I know it can be tough. When they make fun of you think of how much you are helping the animals. Think of the animals. Whatever you d... Read More »

My 6 yr old son wants to become a vegitarian.?

My daughter became vegetarian overnight at the age of 7 when she realised that meat was basically a "dead animal".She eats exactly the same as us, but I use veggie alternatives to meat.So, if we're... Read More »

I want to become a vegitarian?

there are no benefits of becoming a vegitarian because you will feel a responsibility which you never needed...

What's an easy way to become a vegitarian?

Being a vegetarian is easy if you're in it for the right reasons. So far, I know people who tried to become vegetarians in high school, but gave up after not too long. I think that's stupid. Really... Read More »