I'm so depressed...?

Answer just concentrate on school and educationas get a little older, you will find life busy and fulfilled

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Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse feel that it is easier to feel depressed than to show the abuser that she is not afraid of him?

Answer They have been abused for quite a while and start to internalize it. Most abusers are verbal as well as physical abusers. They manage to convince their victims that it's all the victims faul... Read More »

How to Act Depressed?

“For me being depressed means you can spend all day in bed, and still not get a good night’s rest.” ~UnknownMaybe it's for a school play, maybe it's a prank. Acting sad may come naturally for... Read More »

How to Tell if You Are Depressed?

Depression is a difficult and mind-altering condition, and leads to other complications such as self harm, anger, unexplained unhappiness, and at times, even suicide. Depression can sneak up on you... Read More »

Help me i am really depressed =(?

All you need to do is grow up and seek help from counselors.