Im so bored and need to kill an

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How to Kill Boredom by Making a Bored Box?

Boredom doesn't come when you have nothing fun to do, boredom comes when you don't want to do anything. There are many ways to kill boredom, but what's great about this one, is that anyone of any a... Read More »

Websites please! i am bored. very bored?

There's this thing called Google. Not sure if you ever heard of it?

I'm bored...are you bored How well known are you in the NB&B section?

Yeah I am pretty bored. Waiting for my back rub from my husband. Wonder when that is going to happen?

What can you spray on your garden to kill grass and weeds but not kill my plants?

a weedicide just go to a plant shop and demand for a weedicide you will get desired results example of weedicide is anthracineRangiku_Awata: My mom uses seven i think,but i may be wrong so go to a ... Read More »