I'm skinny but have a "belly" why?

Answer That sometimes indicates a thyroid problem. Or, you could have bad posture or scoliosis that makes your belly stick out. Being active doesn't guarantee a good shape. Neither does being thin. Diet i... Read More »

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Do you have to be skinny to look good with a belly button ring?

How do you get a good fit in skinny jeans im a guy and everytime I buy some its not that skinny at the ankles?

Get the super skinny fit in a guys size. It's not as tight as girl's skinny jeans but they do look and fit better. The other one's are too baggy

I have decided I don't like my neighbour's belly button, is there some way she can have it removed?

Those things grow back. Have her entire torso removed.

Can you be skinny and have diabetes?

No you don't have to be fat.Obesity is often an early symptom of diabetes.It has been discovered that the fat is in some cases deposited around the internal organs and not visually detectable.While... Read More »