I'm sick of my boyfriend smoking pot, what can I do?

Answer well if he loves you and its serious, talk to him about it. Maybe there could be a comprimise. You dont want to nag and tell him what to do, but he also needs to respect your concerns and be willin... Read More »

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What do you do when your boyfriend starts smoking?

It is really really hard to quit smoking. My dad smokes and has tried to quit so many times. But if he has cancer and yo love him this much, the you gotta put aside the cigarettes and get down to t... Read More »

What are some suggestions to get my boyfriend to stop smoking ?

hear is my idea next time he tries to kiss you kiss him then jerk back like your about to throw up and say that his breath smells realy bad(oviosly from him smokeing) then next time he tries to tou... Read More »

How do I help my sick boyfriend?

Feeling sick after smoking cigarettes..?

Smoking lowers your blood pressure, probably thats why you shake and feel sick. Sometimes smoking in general, or smoking special cigarettes don't match your body.Consider changing your cigarettes, ... Read More »