I'm sick and tired of getting hurt all the time?

Answer It's hard when we feel our heart has been dragged through the mud. I felt the same way about women, especially after two divorces. Then I met a wonderful gal who has made such a difference in my ... Read More »

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Could I be pregnant if my last period was about a month and a half to two months ago have cramping my breasts hurt I'm bloated it feels really hard my stomach hurts i feel sick n im tired?

How to Run a Mile Without Getting Too Tired or Having a Bad Time?

Do you want to run a mile, but are afraid you will get too tired or get a bad time?

Does feeling sick and hungry and tired all the time mean I'm pregnant I was meant to get my period but it's nearly a week late?

It doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant but if you've had sex recently then it's a possibility. Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative and you miss your next period as well then go and se... Read More »

What can I do to stop getting sick all the time when I drink?

Have a good meal like pizza or pasta. Something that will fill you. I found that doing that and then as soon as I get home drinking a lot of water helps. I can't handle much alchohol, so before I... Read More »