I'm shaving my head for cancer?

Answer Wow, that's tough and I'm proud of you for caring enough to do that.Just remember her when you do it. Think about how you are supporting her and making an effort to emphasize. Let her know you did ... Read More »

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How to Make a Bald Head Shine After Shaving?

If you're bald and you're proud, chances are you prefer a shiny head that attracts attention from others from hundreds of yards away. Since a dull-looking scalp is usually the result of dry skin or... Read More »

How to Prevent Razor Bumps After Shaving Your Head?

Razor bumps occur after shaving. People with sensitive skin are very susceptible to razor bumps. Shaved hair that has curled back and starts to grow into your skin causes razor bumps. Razor bumps l... Read More »

How do you feel about people shaving their heads to raise awareness for cancer?

Unless they are doing this as a fundraiser and are raising thousands of dollars in sponsorship I think it is pretty silly.Only person who I ever was wholeheartedly in favor of was a young man in my... Read More »

Why do u have to shave ur head when u have cancer?

You don't have to shave it, but many people who get cancer must get radiation treatments or take chemotherapy. Those treatments cause your hair to come out in patches. So instead of having bald p... Read More »