I'm selling an ipad2 is 120 a good price for an used ipad2?

Answer i say the i pad 2

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What is the price for the ipad2?

What product has recently broken records as the fastest selling electronics device in history is it ipad2?

What is the price of the IPAD2 smart cover in Kuwait?

well on the i pad 2 u can listen to music play with your games take notes go, and go on the internent ... but u cant go on the internent if u dont have wi fi.hope it answers ur question :)

Does the ipad2 take good pictures?

ipad 2 is one third thinner than ipad 1 ipad 2 has a dual core 1ghz a5 chip and ipad 1 has a single core 1ghz a4 chip so ipad 2 should have almost twice as much processing poweripad 2 has 2 cameras... Read More »