Im scared to get braces ?

Answer It may be uncomfortable for a few days to a week but it is no torture session. you are much better off to get them sooner than later, because I resisted and now if i get them i get them in college ... Read More »

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I'm scared to get braces?

My daughter got braces put on and she said that they hurt at first but after awhile you can't even tell you have them on . And an Orthodontist is different from a regular dentist the only thin they... Read More »

Im to scared to ask my parrnts for braces...?

Dude. You dont want braces at all! They suck! They hurt, their expensive, and hard to take care of. I have had them for the past year and i am just about to rip them off. Trust me you dont want braces

I am so scared i am getting braces on jan.21?

Ok I got braces today at 9:30 and it was sooo easy! They just take out spacers if you got any and replace it with metal bands thay don't hurt. They clean your teeth and stretch it with this lip str... Read More »

I am so scared, I have to get braces?

I got my braces yesterday and it didnt hurt when they put them on.They also put these blue rubber things at the back of my mouth (but this was only to see if they could make room without having to ... Read More »