I'm scared of my Childhood Toys...?

Answer I had that happen with a doll I had. I had to put it in a box tape it up and up high. I think it happened after I saw a really scary movie about a doll that came alive.

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How can i let go of childhood toys?

I kept all of my special ones. I tossed them into a plastic bin with a lid and put it in the bottom of my closet. You could also put them in any other dry available storage space in you house. Now ... Read More »

Are you scared of any of your children's toys?

Whenever my husband is in Iraq, he send home a little stuffed camel to our son. The last one he sent is really cute, but has red eyes. I was curious about what it did, and I squeezed it and it si... Read More »

If you could pass any of YOUR childhood toys on to your child - what would they be?

a bear stuff animal that i my mom gave me and i had all my life•

Im 18, scared to fly alone, how does it feel Should I be scared?

Honestly, it feels like if you're in a car, but w/ no bumps in the road [unless there's turbulence]. Once you take off, your ears will pop, so be sure you're chewing gum. You'll be fine :) Besides,... Read More »