I'm scared and i do not understand this on google maps:45.122748,-123.113698?

Answer Google Mozilla Firefox, then on Google maps search this 45.123732,-123.113750

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Why is Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia scared about Sopa?

Wikipedia is blacking out for a day to bring awareness on SOPA and PIPAThese bills will give government the power to take down any website that even gives a link to copyrighted content without due ... Read More »

How does google understand my keyword?

for every site there are meta keywords that you can set in html.If your site doesn't have meta tags that provide keywords to search engines like Google, Google will attempt to read your website and... Read More »

I don't understand how Google makes money?

They earn a great percentage of their revenue through advertisments. Websites do not have to pay to be listed within the search engine, but the "featured" websites on the right hand column after y... Read More »

How do I fix this now I can't delete my google history from the google search bar?

reinstall the your browser!a way to delete your history from your computer (idk if it deletes it from the program)1. goto start > Run > type "CMD.EXE"2. black screen appears3. Type "IPCONFIG /DISPL... Read More »