I'm scared I've overdosed on paracetamol?

Answer You'll be perfectly fine - do you realise just how much paracetamol it takes to actually overdose to the point of needing to be hospitalised, let alone approach death?

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Help. EMERGENCY! Overdosed on Clonopin. I had about 30 2mg pills and I'm scared. DON'T WANT TO DIE!?

If you're seriously afraid for your life, you go to the hospital.I think you can afford an ER bill better than you can afford to die.Get someone to take you or call for help.

Have i overdosed or am i ok?

You'll be okay, paracetamol usually wears off after 4 hours, you might just feel a little pukey but I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

My friend overdosed but all she did was LSD?

There are several possibilities. The first that comes to mind is the composition of the LSD. When you buy drugs off the street you NEVER know what you are really getting. The second is that she may... Read More »

My son overdosed on vitamin pills?

You can't overdose on Vitamin C. Was there anything else he took? He honestly should be fine.