I'm scared I've hurt my neck!! I am really freaking out please help!!?

Answer No you can't become "paralyzed" by that - Your neck bones are extremely strong and can't be hurt by anything like that.But your neck is stiff because you have a problem in it, making it hurt, and ... Read More »

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Does pulling out a tooth hurt Scared,please help answer!?

I had a tooth pulled and it didn't hurt at all, just tugging. Two things to remember going in. Ask for Valium before hand to calm you down. Most dentists have no problem calling in an Rx. Secondly,... Read More »

Please help im really scared my cut will never heal anymore help?

Whoa whoa whoa boy! Calm down! Sadly i can't answer again after this, but you might want to put some periods and comas and..just punctuations. Slow down and explain better.

Oh my gosh!! i cant get my contact out of my eye and im really scared please help me!!!!?

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Whats wrong with my throat, I'm really scared, please help!?

Hmmm well, my brother had this problem too, have they tried you for an asma test?? I could be wrong but that's one of the possibilities, if I were you I would just go back to the doctors, but not a... Read More »