I'm scared?

Answer Little one... it's obvious you love and care for your father. I know your mother has called, and all looks to be well. Still, I want you to know, there's a couple of us out here who will be prayi... Read More »

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Im 18, scared to fly alone, how does it feel Should I be scared?

Honestly, it feels like if you're in a car, but w/ no bumps in the road [unless there's turbulence]. Once you take off, your ears will pop, so be sure you're chewing gum. You'll be fine :) Besides,... Read More »

I figured out i have cancer and im really scared and im too scared to tell my parents. how should i tell them.?

You probably DON'T have cancer. I assume you are young and over reacting. I use to think I had cancer at times when I was young, but there was always a very simple explanation for my imaginary diag... Read More »

I'm scared to eat it?

you can get a california roll that is vegetarian, or one made with imitation crab- that is cooked. All other sushi or sashimi is raw.

Im scared.?

Wait till the end of the week and then ask her. I would also consider googling possible reasons for a late period. Sometimes it is just a little late.