I'm really upset!!! weight question?

Answer love yourself and forget those that look fine.

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I know a lot of PRO-adpotion people are going to be upset with this question. But I have to ask...?

because fees for adoption go to the home study (to make sure the family is a good one) workers to do the study, lawyers and papers to make sure it is all legal and many other things. the birth mom... Read More »

Question for Parents: Would it upset you if you discovered the school lunch lady was...?

If she can wash her hands like a normal woman and wears gloves while preparing the food, it would not bother me. I just feel sorry for her. Are you sure those are not twin tumors? Poor woman! How d... Read More »

Question about dead weight?

my first concern with this question is that you didn't capitalize the word Toronto. my other concern is that my boyfriend went missing in the Toronto area recently and you look like that girl he wa... Read More »

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