I'm really upset!!! weight question?

Answer love yourself and forget those that look fine.

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I am really upset.. am i just overreacting..?

You sound a lot like I was at that age. I was always coming in second to one guy in particular. I would get 98s and 99s and he would just manage to beat me often enough that it really bothered me.T... Read More »

Really Upset About My Arms?

hey.i had the same problem but i have darkish brown hair. dont be afrain to wax ( even though it is time consuming) a lot of people wax their arms. personally, i shave mine and they do not feel 'sp... Read More »

Question for Parents: Would it upset you if you discovered the school lunch lady was...?

If she can wash her hands like a normal woman and wears gloves while preparing the food, it would not bother me. I just feel sorry for her. Are you sure those are not twin tumors? Poor woman! How d... Read More »

I know a lot of PRO-adpotion people are going to be upset with this question. But I have to ask...?

because fees for adoption go to the home study (to make sure the family is a good one) workers to do the study, lawyers and papers to make sure it is all legal and many other things. the birth mom... Read More »