I'm really scared of getting diabetes?

Answer Use that fear to fuel yourself to make good dietary choices.

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I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am?

Yes. You can live a normal ,healthy life if you control the diabetes.

Will i ever get diabetes im scared?

Nobody knows. It might be that you get diabetes when you're older, but check in your family if someone has it, than the chances are much higher, but normally you can eat what you want, this won't l... Read More »

Ok does this sound like diabetes i've been to the doc but havent got my results back yet and realy scared.?

Babygirl, I know it's hard sweetie, but wait for the doc' s test results to come through, it'll come soon enough. Is there any way that you could phone up the docs and ask them to give you a urine ... Read More »

I figured out i have cancer and im really scared and im too scared to tell my parents. how should i tell them.?

You probably DON'T have cancer. I assume you are young and over reacting. I use to think I had cancer at times when I was young, but there was always a very simple explanation for my imaginary diag... Read More »