I'm really scared of getting diabetes?

Answer Use that fear to fuel yourself to make good dietary choices.

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Im getting braces, really scared! :(?

don't be scared.i had two teeth out its doesn't hurt getting your braces on but after when you teeth are moving it does.1. have a mould put in (i hate that , you can hardly breathe) might have... Read More »

Im getting braces tomorrow and im really scared.?

Dont be scared! I wont lie its going to hurt for a while. You wont be able to eat all of your favorite foods because your mouth is going to be sore. But with all the technology they have today its ... Read More »

I'm really scared about getting teeth out?

Don't worry i had a tooth out last month and i was fine i am only 13 its doesn't hurt one bit.

I am fifty and have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I've attended diabetes class and it scared me. If I am?

Yes. You can live a normal ,healthy life if you control the diabetes.