I'm really really tired.?

Answer Screw chemistry. Sleep is more important to your well-being.

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Why can't my eyes focus when I am really, really tired?

When you get tired like that, all of the muscles in your body, including the ones in your eyes, don't work as well because they need rest.

Hi, Does anyone know any really really really really funny videos to watch on youtube?

Charlotte takes a tumble.Kittens, inspired by Kittens!Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

How to grow fingernails really really really really really fast?

You can't. You can give the illusion of longer nails by pushing your cuticles back and applying a french mani or regular polish and leaving the outer edges of your nails (2mm) free of polish, but y... Read More »

Hi. I've been diagnosed with leukemia, I'm really really really scared. I need word of advice Anybody?

Oh my sorry to hear hun... My friends grandma is in the hospital fighting right now and she is doing so/so. Also my grandma well one had it and hers didn't go real good. I will keep you in my prays... Read More »