Im really hurt what should i do?

Answer Heya, go to Accident and Emergency or a walkin centre.I hope your ok sweetie.Bethie Xx

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My knees hurt really bad after playing sports. What should I do?

The same thing happens to be but with my ankles. I was told to ice them really good after everytime you get done playing. It will start making them not hurt. Hope that this helped. It worked fo... Read More »

Okay I hurt my back somehow and it hurts really bad! what should I do?

I really hurt my knee, should i see a doctor?

It sounds like you have something called a Baker's cyst. This is a fluid collection behind the knee- it gives a feeling of fullness behind the knee. The treatment is primarily anti-inflammatory med... Read More »

I fell at football and hurt me knee really bad and evrytime i walk my knee pops what should i do?

Try putting ice on your knee and then rest it. It should settle down in a day or two,if not then I suggest you get it checked out with a doctor.................