I'm really embarrassed. Girls only!?

Answer A fishy odour is a sign of bacterial infection — these are often caused by douching, i.e. washing the inside of your vagina, so if you are doing that, stop!A woman's natural discharge inhibits th... Read More »

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Girls only please i have really bad cramps when im in school =/?

Hmm have you talked to your doctor about what you can do? Some medical problems can cause extremely painful menstrual cramps. I think you should make an appointment with your doctor to see if anyth... Read More »

Do women really think men only want those female, model type airbrushed girls you see in magazines?

I think a lot of girls try to have that look to have self confidence thinking that that's the only look that people call pretty and it's not. media is making a large majority of teen girls or even... Read More »

I have this really mini skirt and i dont know what to wear under it GIRLS ONLY PLEASE?

How to Stop Getting Embarrassed Around Your Crush (for Girls)?

Every single time you try to talk to your SECRET crush, you end up making a fool out of yourself and worry for the rest of the month, but you won't anymore if you follow these simple and accurate s... Read More »