I'm really drunk, what should I do?

Answer If you are at a bar sing " You lost that loving feeling" to the next women who walks in.

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What do you eat and drink when you want to get really drunk?

I'm assuming you are underage? Not a particularly mature way to look at it but we've all done it. Drink vodka...but not too much....what about some tequila and dry white wine....with a rose chaser... Read More »

Get drunk really easily What can I do about this?

Don't drink so Much. I know that sound kinda obvious and sarcastic, but I don't think theres much more you can do. Maybe your body will get use to it of you drink the same amount each time you go out.

What is the cheapest strongest liquor that will get you really drunk?

Any distilled alcohol that is sold cheap will do that for you. Any.

I am drunk...what should I do?