I'm reallly reeeaaallly thirsty?

Answer You can try taking a few laps from the toilet bowl...but that probably won't quench your thirst.

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How old do i reallly look?

You do look older than 15, but it's not your skin or anything. You face doesn't look aged. You have a mature look about you. A lot of girls your age would probably like to pass as older. You have n... Read More »

Is this reallly badd if you can do this?

You are asking this for a friend? Ok. If you say so. No, its not normal. It's not something to be proud of. Eww. It is plain weird and disgusting. The only thing that size inside A vagina, is a ba... Read More »

Ive been reallly dizzy?

Perhaps you need to reduce your intake of junk sugar as in item 88 in

OMG. Im reallly getting scared.Please Answer?

If you have not been eating, this sounds like LOW BLOOD SUGAR. It can kill you. I agree with others....EAT something....Drink some juice as it will get sugar into you system faster and if you do... Read More »