I'm quitting smoking tomorrow. Any words of advice?

Answer Buy gum....when you feel the need to reach for a puff reach for a piece of gum instead.

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Advice on quitting smoking?

I'd start rapidly dropping your nic levels, chain vape all day if you must at 2/3 your normal level, then 1/2, then 1/3. Don't move back up unless you're about to murder, and try to drop as much a... Read More »

I am quitting smoking. Any advice?

I quit smoking 4 weeks ago, after having smoked for 38 years. :)In August, both my mother and I went on the patch. This worked for her because she was ready to quit, but I wasn't. After seven we... Read More »

Quitting smoking!!! Need some advice?

Read Allen Carr's "Easyway to Quit Smoking" book:… If you have enough $$$ to buy smokes, you have $7 to drop on this book (they probably even have it at y... Read More »

Quitting Smoking Advice.?

Quiting smoking can be very difficult to accomplish...I finally successfully completed this mission about 8 years ago...after having smoked for 20...the feeling of success and accomplishment when y... Read More »