I'm pretty sure I have some sorta virus, any help?

Answer Using Spybot Search and Destroy in conjunction with stuff like Malware Bytes and AVG might help Spybot Search and Destroy was made specifically for adware and spyware you can find out more about it... Read More »

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I think this is sorta...odd. Anyone can answer.?

First off, when you say "no problems in general", do you have vision problems and sometimes see in a blur? If you do, get our eyes checked out because seeing in constant blurriness causes you to be... Read More »

Throat cancer.... I'm sorta worried.?

probably not throat cancer...but maybe you should get it checked.In someone as young as yourself its very unlikely that it's cancer.

Um this is sorta embarrassing... but um my hand is... stuck?

Nail polish remover works a charm on this. Do *not* get it in your eyes, or you'll do yourself real damage. But this normally works very quickly. Put some nail polish remover on a Q-tip or a cotton... Read More »

I sorta saved a mouse off of a gluetrap and...?

I feel for you! A long time ago someone (I've since forgiven him, but it took a long time...) put a glue trap under my kitchen sink. I heard the sad squeak and I rescued the poor thing and put a b... Read More »