I'm planning to buy mouthwash, but i do not know which to chose from.?

Answer All of the commercial mouth washes contain lots of chemicals that are designed to make big profits for the companies that sell it and your health is not what they are about. These chemicals are no... Read More »

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If you could chose the month your baby is due, which would you chose and why?

I would say May if I could choose. I would have the baby before the hot weather starts but still able to hit garage sales that start in April before the baby is born.I am due in March and all of t... Read More »

Hey guys! I am planning to buy my first flat screen TV. but I dont know which one to get?

If you plan to play games or watch fast-moving sports on them, think about one with a refresh rate of 120Hz. I bought a 52" Samsung last Christmas and wish it had a higher refresh rate.

Now that they say that alcohol based mouthwash contributes to oral cancer, I don't know which ones are safe...?

Liddy.... my dentist says salt water is the best.... mouth bacteria builds a resistance to your standard mouthwash within 2 weeks... I guess you've gotta trust a dentist telling you this seeing as ... Read More »

Hi, I'm planning buy new digital camera which companies product is good... also let me know the model.?

You forgot to tell us what level digital camera you are looking for.A simple P&S shoot or a full featured DSLR