Im only using a notebook but im havung trouble with my printer?

Answer try downloading the driver from the manufacturer's site

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Is there a notebook with a printer inside?

The Wang LapTop (WLTC), released in 1986, had a built-in dot matrix printer. The computer was highly portable for its time, but incredibly heavy by today's standards. The WLTC featured a monochrome... Read More »

How do i know my fax number by using only the 4 in 1 printer in my PC,?

I have its free and very easy to use!…

Can you only print photos using a photo printer?

No you don't have to have a photo printer just a print with a med to high dpi range to print on photo paper for best results . hope this helps

What to do with printer end of lifedo printer manufacturers make printers last only a certain period of time?

Here is the fix for the problem...replace the waste ink pad. In the event you don't have one and want the reset only ;) follow the link below. It has step by step instructions for resetting the c... Read More »