Im not allowed to have a facebook...HELP!?

Answer 1) Sit your parents down to discuss this issue in a calm and relaxed way. Tell them that you would really appreciate the opportunity to explain why you think you should be allowed to have such an a... Read More »

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Should I delete my facebookhelp!!!?

Honestly yes you should, I deactivated mine two months ago. Facebook has complety destroyed communication, people have become to reliant on facebook for communication. You will become more sociable... Read More »

Should people who have to ask on Y!A if they are pregnant not be allowed to have kids?

Only the ones that are asking in this manner:We didn't have sex. I'm a virgin. But we were foolin around. He ***'d in his shorts. Then touched it with his left hand. He touched me with his rig... Read More »

Are kids allowed to have sex?

From the point of birth up to about the age of 18, a person's body and brain are still growing an maturing. If you think about it, when you talk to someone younger than yourself you can immediately... Read More »

Are you allowed to have tattos in the Marines?

Yes, but there are regulations regarding them.