I'm not a virgin and i'm bleeding when getting fingered?

Answer there are two possibilities - trauma (if you had pain) or vaginal infection - check below

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'What does it mean when you get fingered and now im bleeding lightly I am not a virgin and there wasn't any pain?

You did not specify any information related to your specific case, In general reasons for bleeding are numerous and no way connected to your virginity. I would suggest that open up the issue to som... Read More »

After BF who is wearing his jeans fingered you realized wet spot on his jeans unsure if he accidentally touched that wet spot and then fingered you?

im sure your fine. sperm cant really go through jeans or fabric and it dies shortly after touching the air. dont worry

If you are pregnant and then started bleeding and after you stop bleeding you still have the symptoms does it mean you are still pregnanti was only bleeding for a week?

go see a doctor ANSWER BY XxPINKPRINCESSxX Hi did you take a pregnancy test did it come up positive? If not how did you know that you are pregnant cause if it came up negative and your thinking y... Read More »

Moonlight is shown in the UK on Virgin 1 will they be showing a second series on Virgin 1 or not because everything is about CBS in America but not UK?