Im nine weeks pregnant and still haveing sex is that safe?

Answer Yes, unless you are a high risk pergnancy but you would know if you were because your doctor/midwife would have told you

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Can you be nine weeks pregnant and not know?

First 6-7 weeks are acceptable, but 9... You must have very irregular periods or be under a lot of stress not to understand you're pregnant.There are other signs of pregnancy that women usually not... Read More »

What is a normal fetal heartbeat at nine weeks pregnant?

Answer Oncew the baby's heart starts beating it stays more or less the same until after it is born. It can be anywhere from 120-160 and it varies over the day.

Is your baby safe at nine week pregnant?

No. That is still very early in the pregnancy.

Ok i think im nine wks pregnant bc iv had symptoms but still had a period the first month but the second mnth was over aweek late but then came but you usually have regualr periods im i pregnant rsap?

There is a possibility- go to the nearest drugstore and buy a pregnancy test and find out! Don't wait! Don't scare yourself more then you need too periods can be irregular- if you are or not go to ... Read More »