Im new to cooking ..what is heavy cream?

Answer Heavy cream is just heavy cream. You should be able to find it in the dairy section of your grocery store. You can also substitute it using the following recipe: Read More »

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Are there any ice cream recipes that do not call for an ice cream maker/heavy cream?

Hey, absolutely. This will sound odd but it is possible to make ice-cream from blending frozen bananas! You can chose to add other ingredients to change the flavor (I like adding cinnamon or cocoa ... Read More »

Recipe called for heavy whipping cream, can I used double cream Is for cheesecake filling.?

double cream will be fine for a cheesecake filling instead of heavy whipping cream. if you're mixing it with cheese of some sort, then the double cream will probably give a better result.

Can I use whipping cream instead of heavy cream in alfredo?

Absolutely. The difference is a mere couple of percent higher in fat. Make the recipe exactly as you were using heavy cream

How to Substitute Heavy Whipping Cream for Light Cream?

Ingredients in a recipe all play a role in how the final product looks and tastes. Fats add a smooth, creamy texture. The higher the percentage of fat in the recipe, the richer the final flavor wil... Read More »