I'm new to alcohol what would you suggest I drink?

Answer Washington AppleBloody MaryLong Island Ice TeaAlabama SlammerCrown & Coke (My personal favorite)"Who's To Blame" Margarita- At Margaritaville

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What would happen if i drink alcohol while on antibiotics?

the antibiotic won't work so your infection will not be treated and you could feel sick

What would happen if you drink a cap full of rubbing alcohol?

A cap full would probably just make you hurl. I knew a woman years ago who drank herself to death and near the end she was drinking rubbing alcohol. It's about the same as drinking pure grain alc... Read More »

Would you still drink alcohol if it was made illegal?

Would you go to holiday destination if you weren't allowed to drink alcohol?

Sorry, i must be lame and predicatble..'cos the thought of two weeks of complete alcohol abstinence seems a little dull and laboured to me. Iknow alcohol isn't everything but surely being on holida... Read More »