Im new to a computer,how do i send photos ~~~,?

Answer Install the camera driver software first by inserting the CD into the CD-ROM Drive.- Next you can take photos and save it on your camera.- Connect the USB cable on your camera and unto the PC's USB... Read More »

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What it means to REBOOT a computerHow it is doneWhy and when please explain.?

Good day. Reboot simply means restarting your computer.Start-> Shutdown -> Restart.Boot means starting your computer.Dual boot meas 2 operating systems eg XP and 98 on one computer and u can boot f... Read More »

How to Send Photos to CVS?

You have digital photos on your computer that you want to print. CVS makes it simple to send your digital photos to a convenient CVS location for printing.

How do I send photos with Photoshop?

Save your original file in a location that you will remember and easily locate later. Open the file in Photoshop and select "File" then "Save as." Be sure to name the file something that you will r... Read More »

How to Send Weather Photos?

It isn't difficult to take a good weather photo. In fact, pressing on the camera shutter button means you're qualified to capture weather images. However, you have a higher chance of having a photo... Read More »