I'm male, do girls really pay attention to facial moles(GIRLS)?

Answer No I think moles Are really cute

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Do blond overweight girls get more male attention than extreme skinny looking dark haired girls?

youve answered your own question. it has nothing to do with how they look rather how they present themselve. you said that the blondes were more bubbly while the skinny ones seemed uptight and unap... Read More »

How come boys say they prefer girls with the natural look, but the girls who cake it on get all the attention?

Keep in mind this is simply an opinion, and it is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. You asked!Because the girls who cake it on are more likely to date scumbags.The scumbags know this.The girls w... Read More »

How to Deal With Girls Who Crave Your Attention (for Girls)?

Is there a certain girl who always wants to steal attention from you? Does she just jump up out of no where anytime someone talks to you? Well, there's more to it than you think.

Ladies, which bodypart of the male physique grabs your attention right away?

his eyes, if he has beautiful eyes then I just melt. then of course, I check out the hands, (you know why ladies) and then well, the smile... ha, thought I was going to say his package didn't you..... Read More »