I'm making a gallon of Mead... How many apples should I use?

Answer Well, if you are not fermenting it the sugar form three apples should make it semi-sweet. If you have other sugars then it would be on the sweet side.

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Making Mead with Natural Yeast?

Absolutely!!!!Provided the raisins are 100% naturally created, that is grapes dried on the vine. There will be wild yeasts clinging to the skins which will begin the process of fermentation of you... Read More »

Why are red apples sweet and green apples sour?

SR, I guess you haven't tasted very many different varieties of apples! Apples are green before they ripen, and they are sour until they mature. Some varieties, such as Granny Smiths, stay tart, ... Read More »

How would you grow apples without starting from apples seeds?

answer 2 The pip fruit trees such as apple and pears do not produce true to form plants. You are much ahead to obtain a grafted tree from a nurseryman.

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