Im looking to drastically upgrade my computer.?

Answer Shouldn't be much of a problem. Just keep in mind you'll have to re-install Windows (unless you feel like tempting fate by putting it in Sysprep). If you don't have 8GB of RAM, that's another cheap... Read More »

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How to Drastically Change Your Wardrobe when You Have Little Money?

Ever walk into your closet and see nothing that you like? Ever window shop and realize that you could never buy a whole new wardrobe with your salary? You can change your wardrobe and not buy a sin... Read More »

What's the best way to upgrade my computer?

increasing your ram can give you a performance boostXp runs slow on 256 meg and 512 is really a bare minimum if you want any sort of performanceIf you want to go the whole hog you can replace your ... Read More »

What should i upgrade for my computer...?

Don't they sell used PC's in Singapore (where the question comes from) ?The entire PC you have is worth less than $100 in the USA. Everything in it is weak including the brand and type of motherboard.

How to Upgrade a Computer to 4 GB of RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is the main on-board memory used by your computer. Upgrading your computer to 4 GB of RAM will enable you to do more multitasking before the computer slow... Read More »