I'm looking to buy another hard drive. advice?

Answer Definitely go internal,external is just to slow except for backups or extra storage space.If you are unsure of how to transfer your old drive data try a program called Ghost.It will make an exact c... Read More »

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How to Transfer the Contents of an IBM T42 Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive?

The IBM T42 is a Windows-based laptop that comes with a single hard drive installed in the system. Although this usually is enough to handle all of the programs you run with the IBM T42, you may wa... Read More »

1 terrabyte external hard drive advice?

I don't have MTBF data, so I cannot comment as to what drive is the most reliable, but I can comment on speed:--------------------------------------…Speed depends on your system.If you have a 1 G... Read More »

I'm looking to format my hard drive?

Most computers shipped these days with an operating system already installed ( OEM ), will have two partitions on the hard drive. One of the partitions is the "D" Recovery drive and the other parti... Read More »

Urgently need advice re: my computer hard drive (or tower)?

I don't know if you have a local MicroCenter store in your area, but they have to be just about the best computer equipment outlet there is. They even offer classes for building your own computer.... Read More »