I'm looking to buy an A1 scanner ?

Answer… check this out .. u might like it

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Looking for a Photo scanner?

Get yourself a decent flatbed scanner and get to work. You don't need a particularly expensive one for prints, but if you go to scan film that changes things. Scan at 600 or 1200 dpi to speed thing... Read More »

Looking for a good photo scanner?

Get the HP g-3110. its around $100, scans at 9600 dpi and works very very fast.

I am looking for a scanner for 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch slides?

They're like 50 bucks at TigerDirect. But I had a few slides to scan, and used my new 12MP camera set on macro, with a homemade backlight. I've also used a regular scanner that had a slide adapter;... Read More »

Looking for a progress scanner for a production line?

This is the original purpose of the QR code, a square barcode-style tracking image. With the right software, you can scan a QR code with a webcam attached to a PC or smartphone, and the location ca... Read More »