I'm looking into buying a new computer for my 15 year old son?

Answer Hello,Your son will most likely need it to write reports and surf the net. You really dont need a very high end system. Dell computers are very cheap and pretty reliable. I would check out dell'... Read More »

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Im buying for my 14 year old computer enthusiast and money doesnt matter so windows vista or mac leopard?

STOP !This is an ideal opportunity if he already has 2 PC's, to encourage him to learn Linux.Linux is so much more interesting than the bulk standard Windows or MAC, you are in complete control whe... Read More »

We are buying a new computer what shall we do with our old but working computer sell it give it or just dump?

Make sure you remove any private info or files, and then give it to someone that doesn't have one.If you can't find someone local then you can give it away on 'gumtree', take a look at the link.You... Read More »

I need help buying a new computer?

I have a Dell desk top hooked up with the router.(The router is a Belkin and have had no problems) I have an imac in the other room. It's awesome and my favorite. My husband has a Dell lap top. ... Read More »

Buying a new computer!!!!!!!!?

Experience a new dimension of interactive gaming, media organization, and content creation with iBUYPOWR Gamer Power A943i. Equipped with a powerful second generation Intel I3 2120 proccessor clock... Read More »