I'm looking into buying a new computer for my 15 year old son?

Answer Hello,Your son will most likely need it to write reports and surf the net. You really dont need a very high end system. Dell computers are very cheap and pretty reliable. I would check out dell'... Read More »

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Hi, I'm looking into buying a printer for my laptop...?

Hi!Hehe. Don't be disappointed it's me=( Hehe. I think you should by the black and white laser jet printer and just colour it in after. Hehe. Well. Or just print the pictures in black and white.I k... Read More »

New to the unlocked phone thing and looking into buying an unlocked iPhone or blackberry storm on eBay how do you know if the phone will work for US Cellular and what to look when buying?

A Griffen just because its thinner but otterboxes also protect reallly well dependswhat kinda user u areGriffen- style otterbox- protection

I'm looking into buying a laptop, but im not sure which kind to get. dell, hp, mac, etc...?

I just baught a Toshiba laptop and I love it. I would never buy a gateway because they're crap. My husband swears by Mac for the fact they are reliable and overall better quality. Make sure if you ... Read More »

Windows XP vs Vista, I was looking into buying a new pc and the salesman recommended sticking with XP as...?

Hello,(ANS) NO!! DON'T buy windows Vista. Why? because it requires a new PC with much much higher hardware specifications just to run it. Vista gobbles RAM for breakfast, gobbles as much memory as ... Read More »