I'm looking for very good encyclopedias.?

Answer I'm in possession of some very good nice non-Canadian encyclopedias, Kirst. They're not free, though. What do you say to 8 quid each, 2 for 14? Special offer - 10 for 60. We're talking top-Q mercha... Read More »

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How to Build a Good-Looking Physique But Still Be Very Athletic?

While building a good-looking physique is not very easy, there's good news -- the best way to do so is to be athletic. Indeed, it's hard to develop a nice figure without being athletic. An attracti... Read More »

Ladies, I'm a straight very good looking guy. That said, would you date or like a guy that has a belly ring?

If my man had a bell ring I'd make fun of him for it but I'd still date him. ;) I think if you truly like a guy it wouldn't matter if he had a belly ring or not.

If your parents are good looking, does it mean you will become good looking as well?

it does set you up with good genes to be good looking but you can be the most amazing looking person in the world but if you don't feel like it then people wont see it. try to get more self-confide... Read More »

I'm looking to buy a good camera, I've been looking at Nikons, what would be a good buy?

Well, the problem with buying a digital camera is not only that there are hundreds of models for sale at any given point in time, but you also need to figure out which type of camera is right for y... Read More »