I'm looking for help on having a garage / yard sale..........?

Answer Any weekend with nice weather is good. Start early 7 or 8 am and go until 1 or 2pm. Don't have a garage sale to make money. Jobs are for making money. Garage sales are for getting rid of stuff. Pri... Read More »

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What should I sell at a yard/garage sale?

Hi, everything you said is fine but I would try taking those computer games to one of those places you can trade them in on different games 1st. Every thing and anything can be sold at a yard/gara... Read More »

Where can I rent space to have a yard/garage sale in Las Vegas, Nevada 89109?

Long Shot, but could pan out for you. I would approach an Elks Club, VFW, a service club in your zip code tell them what you plan to do and see if they can let you use the parking lot for a Saturda... Read More »

What is the best day(s) to have a garage sale?

Sat Sun use Sun as half price day to get rid of everything

Garage Sale!?

Keep all your items neat and organized, if it looks like a tip people will expect to pay practically nothing for things. Try and get a friend to help so you don't have to leave things unatended. I ... Read More »