I'm looking for good DVD ideas - I just got a new home theather system. Any ideas?

Answer terminator, james bond, starwars, jarasic park, i robotthats the ones we use to show off the capabilities of the home cinemas and we sell ones up to £100,000 and we use these dvds day in day outme... Read More »

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Looking to run my PC to my Home Theater system, audio only, wirelessly.... any ideas?

Try this one its not wireless, but DRM is not a problem. With one optical cable I think it is the best you can hope for.

Please suggest a good Home Theater 5.1 system and a good music system with FM and CD player?

Sony makes a very good system at a surprising price…

New home theather sytem?

There are so many to choose from it's become a bit of a nightmare.First,you have to work out how much you are prepared to spend unless money is no object. Basically there are 2 ways of buying a new... Read More »

How to connect Home theather to blue ray?

You connect your blu ray disc player to the tv directly using HDMI cable and then using an optical cable connect it from the tv to the Sony home theater in a box. Hope this will help you out.