Im looking for a program where i can photoshop pictures.?

Answer A lot of answers, but mostly Point Gamers wanting 2-points. LOL Do NOT use MS Paint. It is not a very good quality graphics editor. Check out the following options. I may have included some of the ... Read More »

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I'm looking for a detailed tutorial on how to fix pictures in Photoshop?

The simplest way is to use the IMAGE SIZE... option from the menu selection. When the dialog window appears, make sure that you do NOT use the selection to CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS. Then just choose... Read More »

Looking for a free website where I can post Pictures but NOT!!!! photobucket?

Looking for an inexpensive version of Photoshop or similar,,?

Gimp is the most powerful option, and the closest free image editor to Photoshop in its capabilities. However, it does have a rather steep learning curve. To help you, there are lots of user groups... Read More »

I am looking at a certain Nikon camera and need to know how many pictures it will hold My question is how many pictures can 35 megabites hold?