I'm looking for a different tasty Mexican dish to make for dinner tonight.?

Answer Mexican Beef ChimichangasIngredients: 6 large flour tortillas3 cup Mexican Meat Mix, (see recipe)Vegetable oil, for fryingShredded lettuce1 cup salsa2 tomatoes, chopped1 cup Guacamole, (see recipe)... Read More »

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How to Make a Tasty Nacho Like Dish?

Learn how to use your old, stale corn chips to make a very tasty dish in minutes.

I feel like chicken for dinner tonight, but i have no ideas what to prepare. I want something different. HELP!?

Take one half chicken breast per person, 1 med sweet green or red, or yellow pepper, mushrooms, sliced or quartered, celery, sliced thin, onions sliced thin. Saute the chicken till amlost done. Mov... Read More »

What to make for dinner tonight?

Meat loaf or Meatballs would be best. For a diabetic, how about some italian wedding soup? Spinach, meatballs, veggies and pasta is optional. Really doesn't take a lot of time. The best answer is a... Read More »

What should i make for dinner tonight?

pork chops in a pyrex dish take and open a garlic mushroom soup can and add chopped artichoke hearts and a half cup of (not sweet) white wine mix the soup with the wine and artichokes and pour over... Read More »