I'm looking for a camera... advice?

Answer The Canon Powershots are amazing.They're tiny, have big screens, and pictures lookvery professional. I get compliments on how awesomemy photography is with my Canon Powershot.Try the Canon Powersho... Read More »

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Looking for video camera advice for making a movie?

It all depends on what your exact filming conditions are. Factors such as lighting, space, camera movement, and format will narrow down which cameras you will need for that particular shoot.Start ... Read More »

Looking for advice on my Heart?

Sounds like anxiety attacks. The metoprolol is generally used for high blood pressure, but the doc may have put you on it for some other reason. Although 12.5 mg is a pretty low dose of it. All I... Read More »

Looking for sunglasses advice?

Sometimes the cheapest sunglasses are the most comfortable

Looking for advice on digital cameras...?

That's a big question.Higher megapixels = better print quality but larger file size so less pics per memory card.Optical zoom = good. Digital zoom = bad. Go for a minimum of 3x optical zoom. 10x is... Read More »