Im looking for a Webcam that will.............?

Answer use a piece of software called uviewit it only records movement on your web cam

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I am looking for a cleanse colon method that will work!?

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I'm looking for a graphics card that will handle BF3 and the new MoHWF smoothly on max settings?

Anything from Nvidia GTX 570 and up will run those two games on max settings @1080p, given that the rest of your computer is up to date. GTX 560 might do it, but I have no experience there :)I pers... Read More »

I am looking for a company that will scan my photos and put them onto Cd's?

Most photo developpers now offer this service because it is so simple to do. Go to a local mall and ask around, most places which deals with photo development should either be able to do this or g... Read More »

Looking for a spy camera for still photographs that will work with android?

There are many spy cameras can take still photos, such as the mini usb motion activated spy camera, spy watch camera, spy glasses camera etc... But I don't know whether they can work with android o... Read More »