I'm looking for a DSLR with video mode and a swivel screen for a low price?

Answer Hi Pam,Instead of a DSLR you might consider getting an EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera. This will have most of the functions of a DSLR but will be smaller, lighter and les... Read More »

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Screen Goes black when switching to full screen mode when watching video feeds ?

What has worked for me so far (knock on wood) is when you have the video in it's original size (not full screen), right click, click "settings" and then click the left-most tab on the page that com... Read More »

If I took a video with a casio exilim ex-zr100 in best shot mode,how do i change the video to a normal video?

Well that means that you have to change the camera back to normal. You can't change slow motion video to normal one it's shot. There editing programs that will run video at a faster rate but achi... Read More »

Does anyone have the Insignia® - 5.0MP High-Definition Digital Camcorder with 3" Swivel LCD Screen?

Video camera help Professional looking at the lowest price possible?

A video camera that can shoot HD would be a camera like the JVC GZ-E200BUS that costs $150 on Amazon.When you add, "professional" to the equation, you are looking at a 3-CCD camera that costs close... Read More »